Fun on Friday: Insects in Summer

Gelli print dragonflies

Insects in Summer

Bzzzz. Bzzzz.
We all know the familiar sound of an insect buzzing around us when it’s warm outside.
Why are there so many insects in the summertime?

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In the warmer months, many plants are flowering. Insects have a plentiful food supply when the weather is warmer.
Insects that eat other insects have more food, too!
And some insects lay their eggs on or in fruiting bodies, which are more abundant in the warmer weather.
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Insects are ectothermic organisms.
They can not control their body temperature. Their body temperature is controlled by the weather. When it is warmer outside, they are more active.

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In the warmer months, the day is longer.
Insects can spend more time feeding.
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Many insects don’t like it when it is dry and cold.
But warm summer weather along with rain is a great environment for many insects!

Why do you like summer? What do you imagine your life would be like if you were ectothermic like an insect?

Enjoy your weekend!

Nature Mamaw

If you like the Gelli print image i made, look for a Make-It Monday post next month on Gelli print making! It is great fun.


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