Tell-It Tuesday: Raven and the Salmon

Tell-It Tuesday: The Raven and the Salmon
A retelling of a Haida legend

The chief’s daughter was always crying.
“Why do you cry?” asked her father.
“Because I can’t have the one thing I want,” she sobbed. “The bright, wonderful fish I saw in my dream.”
She cried every day and every night, so much that she became very sick from it.
The chief didn’t know what to do so he called a Council meeting. All the wise men were there. The chief asked them what to do.
One of the wise men said, “She wants the beautiful fish she saw in her dream. If we can find such a fish, I think it would be good for the tribe. Who can help us find such a fish?”
Another wise man said, “May I bring Raven to our meeting? He is very wise, and may be able to help us.”

The chief gave his permission, and soon the man returned with Raven sitting on his shoulder.

In his deep, croaking voice, Raven said, “The fish your daughter wants is called a Salmon.”

“They live in a river that flows north of here. I will fly there and bring one back for you.”

And before the chief could say thank you, Raven took off.

He flew quickly to the river.

Looking down into the river, he could see many salmon swimming in the swiftly flowing water.

He dove down and grabbed one in his claws.

Some of the Salmon leaped out of the water to see where he was going. He had grabbed the son of the Salmon chief.
The salmon swam quickly towards him, but Raven was too fast, and he flew straight to the tribe with the salmon following him, swimming fast down the river.

“There are many salmon following me,” Raven told the chief.

The chief had the tribe make a large fishing net and put it across the inlet.

When the salmon got to the inlet, they swam into the net and were caught.

Every year after that. the Salmon swam down the river to the Inlet and were caught, making the tribe very happy.

I hope you enjoyed today’s legend.


Nature Mamaw

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