Tidbit Thursday: The Amazing Godwit

Have you ever gone on a long trip in your car?

And wondered when will you ever get to your destination? Long trips can be boring and seem to take forever.

But, imagine, for a moment, that you are a bar-tailed godwit.

You have a long journey of 11,000 km (6800 miles).

Bar-tailed godwit

You will fly without stopping from Alaska to New Zealand.

Some birds fly long distances during their migration

And guess what? You will only be 4 months old!

And guess what? You, and all your fellow fledglings, will make the journey without any adults.

And guess what else? None of you will have ever made this journey before.

Black-tailed godwits gathering and taking off

The journey lasts for 8 or 9 days.


Animals across the Earth are on the move, beginning their migratory journey.

Read tomorrow’s post for some books you can read to learn more about migration.


Nature Mamaw

Here’s some websites you can use to learn more about the amazing godwit:




All photographs are courtesy of Pixabay.com


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