Make-It Monday: My Migration Map

My Migration Map

October’s theme is migration.

My Migration Map

Listen! Do you hear that?

 The sound of geese honking in the air above you.


Do you see them?

Flying in a V-shape overhead?

The fall migration of animals has begun.

Animals of all kinds are on the move.

Why? What do you think?

Animals migrate, or move from one place to another, for several reasons.

To find food

To find better weather

To mate

Animals migrate across land

Across water

Through the air

Animals follow the same route every year to get from one place to another. How do you get from one place to another?

You use a map. Maybe not a physical map that you hold in your hand. Maybe you have a “mental” map. You remember certain landmarks along the way to remind you how to get where you are going.

Today we are going to make our own migration map.

Think of a place you go to—a store, school, a park. How do you get there? Write down the directions.

Include landmarks—things like buildings or things in nature that you look for along the way to make sure you are on the right path.

Draw a ‘migration map” to this place.

Here’s my migration map. It tells me how to get from my house to my favorite tree in our woods.

My landmarks are the tree by the farm lane, the pond, the barn, and the big climbing rocks.

Have fun making your own “migration map”.


Nature Mamaw

All photographs courtesy of Watercolors are my own.


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