Fun on Friday: My Sit Spot

My Sit Spot

What is a sit spot?

A place ( a spot) in nature where you can sit and observe the natural world.

How do I find my sit spot?

Your sit spot should be a place close by that you can get to easily.

Your sit spot should be a place where you can observe nature. It can be a window seat where you can see outside if you can not actually be outside. It can be in your yard.

Your sit spot should be a place where you are comfortable. You can sit on the ground, lean against a tree, sit on your jacket or on a park bench. As long as you can sit quietly and be comfortable.

Your sit spot should be a safe place.

Your sit spot should be a place where you can be quiet and think and observe. When you first pick a sit spot, check it out. Walk around it, look for things to see and hear. Make sure you can be comfortable there for at least five minutes.

What do I do in my sit spot?

You use all your senses to make observations about the world around you.

What do you see?

What do you hear?

Start by sitting quietly in your sit spot for five minutes. Take a deep breath and relax.

Make observations about what is happening near you.

Bring a journal with you. Write in it what you observe. Make drawings.

This is my journal for September 2020

Try to visit your sit spot once a week. You can certainly go there more if you like.

Join me on Make-It Monday to learn how to keep a nature journal at your sit spot. I’ll show you my observations from today.

Join me next Friday to learn an activity you can do at your sit spot.

Have a great weekend!


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