Tidbit Thursday: September Phenology Chart 2020

September 2020 Phenology Chart

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

        Are you starting to notice things are different outdoors?

If so, what?

The air feels a bit cooler to me in the evening and the morning.


The plants in the garden look browner and are not producing like they were a few weeks ago.


Is it just me or am I seeing less robins than I did a few weeks ago?


And guess what? I even smell a difference in the air.  All these signs tell us that the season is changing.


The study of how plants, animals and climate changes throughout the year is called PHENOLOGY.

You can keep track of how nature changes by paying attention to things like:

the daily sunrise and sunset


the daily temperature


the type of precipitation that happens


observations you make about animals and plants


Here is an example of the charts I use to keep track of my observations.

You can make your own chart. Design it any way you like and start recording your observations. You will be amazed at what you will see and find out about the world outdoors.

Have fun and enjoy!


Nature Mamaw

All photographs courtesy of Pixabay.


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