Make-It Monday: Trees

Autumn tree

Autumn Tree

What are the different ways you can make an image of a tree?

This month we will look at different ideas for making tree pictures.

Idea # 1

Hole-punch autumn leaves

What you will need:

Colored paper

Watercolor paper






Step 1. Using the hole punch, punch out a bunch of circles from different colors of paper. Put each different color in a container.

Step 2. Paint the sky and ground on your watercolor paper.

Step 3. Paint your tree on the paper. Have fun. Make any kind of a tree you wish.

Step 4. Glue the hole punch circles on the tree. I tried to make mine look like they were falling off the tree in the wind. You can do whatever you like for your tree.

My picture isn’t quite finished yet. I think I’ll add some more to the ground. Maybe a pile of leaves to jump in?

What kind of tree can you make using hole-punch leaves?

Have fun!

Stay tuned on Mondays for more ways to create trees during the month of September.



Nature Mamaw

All images are my own.


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