Tell-It Tuesday: Davey Crockett and the Day the Earth Froze

davey crockett

Tell-It Tuesday

The Day the Earth Froze

A retelling of a Davey Crockett tale

Davey Crockett and his 2 hunting companions walked through the forest after a long night of hunting. They carried their successful bounty-3 bears!


“We’ll have plenty of meat for the rest of the winter,” said Davey as they trudged through the deep snow. “And these furs! I can already feel them keeping me warm in this cold. I do believe it’s colder than I’ve ever seen.”

winter forest

“You’re right,” said one of his companions, his breath freezing in the air as it came out of his mouth. “Dragging these bears through the snow is harder when it’s so cold.”  He shivered a hard, long shiver, despite the fact that he was covered from head to toe in deerskins and furs.


“I’ve never been in this frigid of a night,” said his other companion, his teeth chattering so hard he could hardly speak.

“It’ll be dawn soon, and we’ll at least get some heat from the sun,” said Davey Crockett.

sun inwinter

They walked and walked, up over the mountain. When they reached the top, the early morning sun should have greeted them, bright and warm. But that is not what they saw.

Massive yellow icicles hung above the mountain. They stretched from near the ground up, up, up until they disappeared into the grey sky.

“Why, it’s so cold even the sunlight coming to Earth has frozen,” shouted Davey Crockett.


“What are we going to do? We will all die and so will every other living thing if we don’t have sun,” said one of his companions, shaking uncontrollably from the deepening cold.

Davey Crockett thought quickly. He knew he must save the Earth from a cold and brutal death.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back,” he shouted to his companions as ran towards the nearest icicle.


Davey Crockett leaped on the icicle and started to climb. When he got so high that his companions could barely see him, he grabbed the massive dead bear on his back and began to beat a large block of ice that had frozen the sun.

Smack, smack, smack. His companions heard the bear hitting the icicle.


“What’s he doing?” they cried. “It will take too long to break through that huge piece of ice. We’re all doomed!”

But Davey kept hitting the ice block with the bear. Suddenly, the bear’s body burst open, and hot fat flowed out it. The hot fat fell onto the block of ice, melting it away until it no longer touched the Sun.

His companions shouted from below. “Good work, Davey. But the Sun isn’t working.”

Davey Crockett gave the Sun a swift kick. Nothing. He kicked it harder. Nothing. He drew his leg back as far as he could, and wailed the Sun with the toughest kick he could muster.

The Sun sputtered and shook. It grew warmer and warmer. As it did, the Earth started to warm also. When it was frozen, the Earth had stopped spinning, but now it began to spin just like it had before.


Davey Crockett smiled. He sat on the icicle and warmed his cold hands on the Sun. He grabbed the dead bear, slung it over his shoulder, and skidded down the giant icicle before it could melt.

His companions cheered when they saw him.

“Here, carry this with you,” said Davey Crockett and he gave each of them a little piece of sunrise to take home with them.


Why not make up your own tale about winter?

Enjoy the day!


Nature Mamaw           

Illustration is my originals. Photographs are courtesy of




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