Walk-About Wednesday: Writing While on the Road

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Walk-About Wednesday

Writing While Traveling


           What is it like to write while traveling?

I thought it might be interesting to see what it is like to try to keep writing every day while on the road.

I am a visual person. I can’t just bring a computer with a bunch of files on it. So, when we travel, I have to bring a suitcase full of “writing stuff” with me. For example, these three items.

objects for writing

The owl was given to me by my daughter. It is my totem, and I take it everywhere with me for inspiration and support.

The earrings take the place of the many tree objects I have on my desk at home. Trees play an important role in my current WIP and in my relationship with nature. I bring and wear these earrings instead of dragging another suitcase full of trees with me!

Several Christmases ago my daughters and I made silver necklaces with dragonflies on them. Dragonflies are one of my favorite creatures, as are my daughters! I bring this to remind me of them.

hotel desk

Here’s a picture of a hotel desk I’ve used. On it, I have my necessities for writing, which include:

  • Food to munch on-it has to be something chewy or crunchy. Unfortunately, candy fits into that requirement much as I wish it didn’t! Why didn’t I bring carrots?
  • Watercolors and different colored pens for drawing and engaging in something creative that isn’t writing
  • An extra pair of glasses because I lose at least a pair every few days
  • Scissors for cutting out pictures or cutting up pages of writing and taping them together in a different order
  • Books for reference or for reading during a break or for inspiration
  • Coffee and more coffee and then some tea and then more coffee!
  • My WIP binder where I try to keep the latest draft organized but it usually spills out into other folders, piles, binders, etc. It’s a WIP of the WIP!!
  • A motivational quote. I’m a quote person so I try to have a different quote on my desk every week.


books on bed

Here’s a picture of the hotel bed and what it looked like by the end of the day. And this is organized, if you can believe that! Beds are great! Since I don’t work well reading off a computer, I have to bring files of printed pages so beds are awesome for getting them all out and about. I also have to spread things out in order to think about them, or perhaps because I have flat surface disorder and HAVE to put something, anything, on a bare flat surface!

What is your writing process? How do you write when you are traveling? Do you have to bring special objects with you, too?

Have a great day!


Nature Mamaw



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