Tell-It Tuesday: The Winter of the Blue Snow

Tell-It Tuesday

The Winter of the Blue Snow

A retelling of a Paul Bunyan tale

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint


Paul Bunyan, a man larger than life,

Walked in the woods on a cold winter night.

paul bunyan


The coldest winter the world had known,

Paul Bunyan was chilled, right to the bone.

winter forest

The icy snow falling on his massive shoes

Was not a bright white, but a cold deep dark blue.

blue ice

Paul laughed as he watched his spoken words

Freeze in the air before they were heard.

ice crystals

He stomped and tramped in snow twenty feet deep

Which made walking hard since it came to his knees.


Out of the blue Paul Bunyan thought he made out

Something deep in the snow, thrashing about.

deep snow

He looked down to the snow below,

A baby ox jumped to and fro.


Poor little ox, Paul Bunyan said.

I’ll take you home, I’ll keep you fed.


Poor little ox, you’re bluer than blue,

The cold has really gotten to you!


He took him home, he gave him some socks

And that’s how Paul Bunyan met Babe the Blue Ox.


Babe the Blue Ox grew to a massive size, just like Paul Bunyan. Rumor has it that the men of the logging camp could hang all their laundry on a line strung from one of Babe’s large horns to the other. Now, that’s a HUGE ox!!


Make up your own story about the coldest winter ever known. Have fun!


Nature Mamaw

Illustration is my original. Photographs are courtesy of



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