Fun on Friday: Identifying Trees in Winter

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Fun on Friday

Identifying Trees in Winter

Walk through the forest in winter and try to identify the trees you find. Difficult, isn’t it?

Without a leaf to look at and study, what is one to do?

Winter tree identification requires the use of our powers of observation. It is “rooted” in looking at many parts of a tree, not just the leaves.

Winter tree identification uses the following characteristics:

  • Tree silhouette

silhouette 3


silhouette 2



  • Tree bark



bark 2

  • Tree branching pattern

branching pattern

  • Buds

buds 4


buds 3

  • Dead leaves or fruit still hanging on the tree or located on the ground

leaves on trees

leaves on trees 2


Grab your favorite tree guide, and head out for some fun winter hiking.

How many trees can you identify?


Have a great weekend!


Nature Mamaw


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