Tell-It Tuesday: First Tears

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Tell-It Tuesday

First Tears

A retelling of an Inuit Tale


On a cold, blustery day, long ago, Father and Son woke up early.

“Today is the day we hunt for seals,” said Father. “Gather your hunting gear and meet me at the canoe.”


Son hurried to get dressed. He knew Father would like to get to the hunting spot as early as possible. Son was filled with anticipation. Father and he were excellent hunters. Today they would bring back a large seal for the family. They would be full and happy for many days!

Father and Son quietly rowed their canoe toward the seals gathered along the beach. They crept silently toward them.

“Look, Father,” whispered Son. “There are many seals gathered along the shore.”


   They crept closer. And closer. The seals, relaxed and calm, suddenly became agitated and restless. One by one they slipped silently into the water.

“Look, Father,” whispered the Son, his voice filled with anxiety. “The seals are getting away.”

“Wait, and be quiet,” responded Father. He had spotted one seal in the back of the group. Sleeping soundly, it appeared to be unaware of the approaching hunters.

Father pointed at the sleeping seal. Son understood and crept towards the resting animal.

But, as they crawled closer, the seal stirred, lifted its head, and slipped into the water.

Father and Son looked at each other. They were both filled with a strange emotion they had not felt before.

“What is coming from your eyes, Son?” asked Father. “I feel the same thing dripping from mine.”


Father and Son rubbed the water dripping from their eyes.

“It tastes like salt,” said the Son.

They both thought about the seal. They thought about the look in its eyes as it swam away from them, and how fast it tried to catch up with the other seals. Father and Son began to make strange sounds from their throats and each felt a heaviness in his chest. They had learned to cry!


Write your own story about how tears originated. Be creative and have fun!



Nature Mamaw

Illustration is my own original. Photographs are courtesy of


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