Fun on Friday: Predicting Winter and the Persimmon

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Fun on Friday

Winter Weather and the Persimmon


A persimmon I am,

a bright orange fruit

I make a great jam

And look pretty cute.


But some say I am never wrong

When they use me to predict

If winter will be short or long

And how much snow it will inflict.


They cut me open to see my seed,

And look upon its shape.

For from it they think they read

If they’ll need a heavy winter cape.


If I am in a knife-like shape

Then you had best be ready

And cover your windows with a drape

Winter winds-harsh and steady.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

wind in winter


If I am shaped like a spoon,

Then be prepared to shovel

Winter will be long and soon

With deep snow outside your hovel.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint


If you see a fork in me,

Be happy and rejoice

Snow like powder is what you’ll see

Light and fluffy, not too moist.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
fluffy snow

Can I see the winter that’s ahead?

Do my seeds have ESP?

All I can know is what I’ve said-

I’m a persimmon, cute as can be.

persimmon cute

Have a great day!


Nature Mamaw

Drawings and poem are my originals. Photographs are courtesy of


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