Make-It Monday: October Phenology Chart

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Make-It Monday

October Phenology Chart


This week’s Make-It Monday is the October Phenology Chart made for you in a PDF. You can use it to keep track of seasonal changes you observe in your area or you could make one of your own.

What changes did you observe in the month of September?

I noticed:

  • the leaves started to change color around the middle of the month


  • the maple trees started changing color first


  • last week flocks of geese were flying overhead


  • coots were gathered on the lake


  • when walking in the woods, lots of seeds and nuts were chewed

mouse chewing acorn

  • we lost about an hour or so of daylight with sunrise happening later and sunset happening earlier





  • I haven’t seen a robin in a week or so
Which way do I go? Which way do I go?

Click on the link below to download your October Phenology Chart. Happy observing!

Have a great day!


Nature Mamaw

Phenology Chart October 2018

Illustration is my original. All photographs courtesy of


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