Fun on Friday: Winter and the Woolly Bear

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Fun on Friday

Winter and the Woolly Bear


You can call me woolly bear or woolly worm

And if you try to touch me, I won’t squirm.


I will roll up in a ball from tail to head

And look like I am really, really dead.


I am the larva of a tiger moth named Isabella

And according to legend I’m a forecasting fella.

Will it be snowy and cold? Or rainy and warm?

Will we have a blizzard or a thunderstorm?



If I’m mostly black, people say that means

That winter will be making the scene.


If I’m mostly brown then people have found

Not much snow will be on the ground.


Is all this forecasting and predicting true?

I don’t know-I just do what I do.


Maybe someday science will be able to show

That as far as weather goes, I’m in the know.


Have you found a woolly bear caterpillar this fall?

What coloring did it have?

Read next week’s Tidbit Thursday to find out more scientific facts about the woolly bear caterpillar.

Have a great weekend!


Nature Mamaw

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