Fun on Friday: Fungi Facts

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Fun on Friday

Fun Fungi Facts on Friday


Have you eaten a pizza with mushrooms on it?


Have you enjoyed a piece of toast for breakfast?


Have you opened a forgotten package of tomatoes in your refrigerator and found them covered in a fuzzy substance?


Then, you have experienced the amazing world of FUNGI.


Here’s a few facts about fungi.

What are the fungi?

            Fungi are a living organisms that are not plants or animals.

They have characteristics in common with both plants and animals.

How are fungi like plants?

                        Fungi have a cell wall. Plants have a cell wall.

                        Fungi don’t move on their own. Plants don’t move on their own.

                        Fungi are made of eukaryotic cells. So are plants.

Eukaryotic is a scientific way of saying that the nucleus is surrounded by a membrane.  Both fungi and plants cells also have organelles that do specific jobs for the cell.


How are the fungi like animals?

                        The cell wall of a fungus contains chitin. Chitin is found in an insect’s exoskeleton.

                        Fungi do NOT contain chlorophyll. Animals do not contain chlorophyll.

Fungi and animals must take in nutrients to make their food. These types of organisms are called heterotrophic organisms.

                        Fungi are made of eukaryotic cells. So are animals.

Scientists used to think fungi were more like plants than animals. But because molecular science now let’s us compare DNA more accurately, scientists now believe fungi are more like animals. That’s the great thing about science. We can learn more and increase our knowledge about a subject!


One of these organisms is called a fungus. More than one is called a fungi.


What are some examples of fungi?




            Bracket fungus


            Athlete’s foot




Next time you go for a walk outside, look for fungi.

But DON’T EAT any of them, even if they look like the mushrooms on your pizza!! Some types of mushrooms and fungi are poisonous. Only a professional MYCOLOGIST (a person who studies fungi) should pick and cook fungi.


Look for some pictures of fungi I took on my next Walk-About Wednesday. Send me yours if you want. I’d love to see them!


Nature Mamaw

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