Walk-About Wednesday: Find a Nature Spot

field at farm

Walk-About Wednesday

My Nature Spot

I have lived in many different places throughout my life. My family moved every 2 years when I was in elementary school. My husband and I lived in 4 different states in the first 10 years after we graduated from college.


              In each of these places, I had a special place outdoors I would go.

The tree down by the stream in my yard,the bench at the end of the path at a local park and the giant boulder along the bike trail were all my nature spots.

boulder with snowbench-71195_640stream-341710_640

I would sit quietly, sometimes taking notes on what I observed in a small journal or on a drawing pad. And sometimes I would just sit. These nature places provided me with a space where I could think and dream. Today, I have several spots on our farm and several places at a local nature center where I go.

Why not find a nature spot of your own for you and your family?

It can be anywhere but it should be near enough that you can get there almost every day. Returning again to the same spot helps you learn more about the nature in that area.

After a few visits, you will find yourself developing a special relationship with your nature spot. You will recognize its smells, its air, and the sounds of it. You will notice how it changes over the seasons.

How much time should you spend in your nature spot? Why not try for 15 minutes each time? That gives you enough time to get settled, relax, and make observations. Can you stay longer if you want? Certainly!

You might want to create a journal to take to your nature spot where you can record anything about it or yourself that you want.

              What was the weather like?

weather image

              What did the sky look like?


              What sounds did you hear?


              What were you feeling as you sat there quietly?


Anything can be recorded. You can write about it or draw it. You can take photographs of it, too.

Enjoy your search for a nature spot.

Where is your nature spot?

What observations did you make on your first “sit”?

I will share photographs or drawings from my nature spot in the next few weeks and months.

If you want to share yours, I’d love to see them!


Nature Mamaw

All images except title photo courtesy of Pixabay.com.




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