Make-It Monday: Flower Fun

flower before torn apart
Flower Fun

Make-It Monday

Flower Fun


Everyone loves flowers!  We make bouquets to brighten our tables or to give to those we care about. We make garlands and wreaths out of them to decorate our houses and to wear. We even use them to predict our love life. Let’s have some fun making a flower craft while we learn the parts of a flower.

Make It Monday flower fun

What materials do I need?

  •               natural materials found outside
  •               glue
  •               paper or canvas
  •               drawing or painting supplies
  •               diagram of flower parts
  •               if possible, a flower to take apart and examine

Here is a diagram of flower parts.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

What are the steps in this project?

  1. Go for a walk and collect natural objects that you find interesting. Take the flower diagram with you. Look for natural materials that you can use to represent each part of the flower. Be creative! This is a fun flower so use your imagination.
  2. If you like, you can color the piece of paper or canvas on which you will make your flower. If you don’t want to create a background, skip this step. It’s fine either way. This is your Fun Flower!
  3. On the piece of paper or a canvas, lay out your natural materials in the shape of your fun flower. As you do so, pay attention to the parts of a flower.
  4. Glue your materials to the paper or canvas.
  5. Add drawings or paint to your creation if you like. You can label the parts of the flower if you want.
  6. Give your Fun Flower mixed media creation a title, add the date and sign it. You are an artist! All artists sign and date their work.

my flower fun

Here is my Flower Fun. I colored the paper with soft chalk pastels and added the border with colored pencils and Sharpie marker. I would like it better if the colors in the background were a bit brighter since the mixed media flower is dark. I like the layout of the design and if I have time, I’ll make another one later in the week.

Can you find the flower parts on my created flower? What part is missing?

I thought it would be fun to take an actual flower apart. Here is the flower above taken apart. Can you identify the parts of it?

flower before torn apart
Complete flower


flower torn apart and labeled
Flower taken apart and labeled

I hope you have fun trying this fun flower craft. And learn something new about flowers while you do it!

Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow.            John Lennon



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