Make-It Monday: Seed Sprout Flipbook



Make-It Monday: Seed Sprout Flipbook


What is a flipbook?  A book of pictures that you flip through using your thumb. Each page of the book has a picture on it with something slightly different from the previous page. As you turn or flip the pages quickly, these slight changes make the object or objects appear like they are moving or changing in some way. For example, you could draw a flipbook of a person walking across the room or a bird flying in the sky. For today’s Make-It Monday, we are going to make a flipbook about a seed sprouting.

What materials will I need to make my flipbook?

  • Paper cut into pieces 8 inches by 4 inches or the dimensions for your book
  • Drawing materials such as pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons-whatever you choose to use
  • Colored paper to make the cover of your flipbook
  • A stapler to staple the pages together when you are done

What are the steps to making my flipbook?

Step 1: Cut your paper into the desired dimensions. I used strips of paper 8 inches by 4 inches.

WIN_20180417_13_21_35_Pro (2)

Step 2: Fold each piece of paper in half length-wise. You should end up with a stack of papers 4 inches by 4 inches.

4 inch by 4 inch folded sheets

Step 3: Stack the folded paper strips on top of each other. These will be the pages of your flipbook. You can number them on the bottom right corner if you like to keep them in order.

Step 4: The first page will be your title page. Be creative and come up with an original title for your book. You can decorate the page if you like. I wasn’t very creative with my title, was I?

WIN_20180417_14_02_53_Pro (2)

Step 5: All the action and drawings in your flipbook will be done on the RIGHT hand pages. Why? Because when you hold the book with your left hand and flip through the pages with your right thumb, you will only see the right pages. This is IMPORTANT to remember when drawing your images.

Step 6: Before you start drawing, think about a seed sprouting. What are the changes a seed goes through when it sprouts? What does that look like? You may want to do some research about seeds sprouting before you start to draw.

Step 7:  Now comes the fun part. Beginning on page 3, start drawing your seed sprouting. Draw the seed sprouting, putting just slight changes on each right-hand page.


Step 8: Layer the pages on top of each other again. Make sure they are in the right order before you staple them together.

WIN_20180417_14_04_39_Pro (2)


Step 9: Hold the book in your left hand. Flip the pages with your right thumb, and you will see your seed sprout!


Hope you enjoyed making a flipbook. Try a different topic and make another one!

Have a great day.


Nature Mamaw


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