Tell-It Tuesday: The Fairy Tulips

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The Fairy Tulips

A retelling of an old English tale

Long ago, a little old woman lived in a small house all by herself.  Her tiny house was surrounded by beautiful gardens which she tended to every day. Her favorite garden, right outside her bedroom window, contained the flower she loved the most-striped tulips. Every night the little old woman looked out her bedroom window and wished her beautiful striped tulips a good night.

One night the little old woman sat up in her bed, startled by a strange sound outside her window. She shook her head to make sure she was awake.

“Why, there is singing and laughing coming from outside! Who could be in my yard this late at night?” The little old woman ran to the window. She listened carefully. The singing and laughing sounded like they were coming from her tulip garden! She stuck her head out the window to get a better look…but she could see nothing in the garden.

In the morning, she walked through the tulip garden, looking for whoever made the noise the night before. But she found no footprints or other signs of anyone being in the garden.

“That is very strange,” said the little old woman. “Maybe I was dreaming.”

That night, the little old woman went to bed and fell fast asleep. Just like the night before, she was awakened by the sound of sweet singing and laughing. She climbed out of bed, put on her slippers and walked quietly out of her house and to the tulip garden.

The moon shone softly on the tulips. The little old woman looked closely at her garden.

The tulips rocked gently back and forth, back and forth.  There must be some wind, she thought, even though she didn’t feel any.

“Oh, my goodness,” she whispered to herself as she watched. Beside each beautiful tulip was a tiny fairy, singing and moving the tulip gently back and forth on its stem.

The little old woman stood on her tiptoes to get a better look. She gasped at what she saw! Inside each tulip flower was a very tiny fairy baby, laughing and smiling, as the fairy mother rocked it back and forth.

The little old woman crept back into her house. She sat on her bed and thought about what she had seen. Right then, she decided she would never pick another tulip from her garden so the fairies would always have their cradles for their babies.

From that time on, the tulips grew bigger and more beautiful each year. Their scent filled the air with a magnificent fragrance. The little old woman’s neighbors often tried to pick the flowers, but she never allowed them. Every night, the fairies sang sweetly to their babies and rocked them gently.

One day, as old people do, the woman died. She was buried next to her beautiful tulip garden.

Someone bought her little house, tore up her beautiful tulip garden, and planted vegetables there. But the vegetables wouldn’t grow. They grew weak and thin, and died, just like all the plants in all of the little old woman’s gardens. Nothing would grow in any of them.

But the little old woman’s grave grew more beautiful every day, with the most wonderful flowers anyone had ever seen. Every night the fairies sang around it, making it blossom and bloom with magnificent tulips forever.


Have a great day! Find a beautiful flower to brighten up your day.


Nature Mamaw


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