Walk-about Wednesday: 8 ways trees are important to the environment

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Walk-About Wednesday

8 ways trees are important to the environment



Imagine a world where there were no trees

It’s hard to do…but try, if you please.


Would it be colder? Would it be hot?

Where would you find a cool, shady spot?


What about animals like insects and birds?

Like chipmunks and squirrels and deer by the herds?


Where would they live? What would they eat?

The thought of it makes my heart skip a beat.


Trees are so important to all life on Earth-

We should never, ever, forget what they’re worth!



            8 ways trees are important to the environment:

1. Trees help to keep our climate under control and steady. When trees are removed in an area, the climate changes in many ways.


2. Trees give off water during transpiration. They produce oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. Water and oxygen are very important to life on Earth. Trees help to keep our atmosphere balanced.


3. Trees, like other plants, absorb pollutants and act as air filters.

Trees absorb pollutants in the country and in the city

4. Trees protect the banks of streams and rivers from erosion.

Trees along a streambank

5. Trees also help to conserve water in several ways. An area planted with trees does not have as much water running off of it as a bare area. It also has less erosion.

Trees along a streambank

6. Trees help to keep the ground cool and the area around them cool during the day. Go for a walk in the woods on a hot summer day and you can feel the coolness from the shade of the tree canopy. The soil around trees gives off heat at night, helping to maintain the temperature of the area around them.

A walk in the cool forest on a hot day

7. Trees help protect animals and people from precipitation such as rain and hail, from the force of the wind, and from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Trees protecting a field and house from wind

8. Trees provide a habitat for many animals and plants. They play an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of Earth’s ecosystems.

A decaying, fallen tree habitat


Have a great day!


Nature Mamaw




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