Make-It Monday: Tree Weaving

yarn for yarn tree
Yarn from my stash

Tree Weaving

My granddaughter recently had a birthday. She loves to do crafts, and got a yarn tree kit which involves wrapping yarn around a pre-made metal tree frame. She plans to use it as a jewelry holder. While I was walking in the woods the other day, I picked up the following sticks and pieces of vine, thinking I could make a small weaving using wood instead of metal.

sticks for yarn tree

After looking at the twigs, I chose these two. I chose the longer one because it is part of a vine and very flexible so I could bend it into a circle. I chose the center one because it looks like a tree trunk with 3 branches.

sticks chosen for yarn tree

From the yarns I found in one of my stash bags in the closet, I chose 3 colors to work with and started wrapping the stick.

stick with yarn 1

Here is a picture of the completely wrapped twig. I left some yarn at the end to use to attach the twig to the vine circle.

stick with yarn 2

I added some twine to the supplies. (I thought the yarn would look too bulky if I used it to tie the vine into a circle). I bent the vine into a circle that the wrapped stick would fit in.

jute and tree weaving

After tying the vine with the twine, I tied the yarn tree into the center.

tree weaving inside circle

I left added a piece of twine for a hanger. Here’s what it looks like. It needs something more. I plan to add some beads to it-once I find them in my closet!!

tree inside circle attached

On your next walk, see what interesting twigs you can find and perhaps you can make a tree weaving. Send a picture. I’d love to see your creations.

Have a great day!


Nature Mamaw



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