Fun on Friday: Amazing Tree Facts

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Fun on Friday: Amazing Tree Statistics


Here are some amazing tree facts I found:

  • Bristlecone pine trees live for a very long time. One of these, named Methuselah, has been alive for 4,848 years. No one knows exactly where Methuselah is located in order to protect it from vandals.
  • The tree whose canopy covers the most area can be found in India. Its canopy covers 5 acres of land.
  • Hyperion, a coast redwood tree, is the world’s tallest known tree. It measures 380 feet tall, which is 75 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. Its location is a secret, too.
  • A eucalyptus tree in Tasmania named Centurion, is the next tallest tree at 331 feet.
  • The widest tree is found in Mexico. It is a Montezuma cypress called Arbol del Tule. It measures 38.1 feet across.
  • The deepest roots on a tree go 400 feet into the Earth. This tree is found in South Africa.

There are so many amazing facts about trees. Visit these websites where I found this information to find out more.…/biggest-tree-canopy-planet-stretches-across-five-

Have a great weekend. Find a tree you like and study it. Look up some new information about that species of tree. You never know what cool fact you will find!


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