Tidbit Thursday: Water Words and Images


Lake sunset

Tidbit Thursday: Images and words about water

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

                                                                    Artesian well

                                                            Bottled, blizzard,brook

                                                    Clean, creek, cloudburst, canal

                                             Damp, drought, drizzle, droplet, drink

                                     Everywhere, energy, evaporation, estuary,eddy

                          Flow, freezing, fresh water, fog, flood, fluvial, fiord, frost

                  Geyser, gravity flow, gulp, groundwater, glacier, gulf, gully washer

        Humid, hydrology, hurricane, hail, hydropower, headwaters, hoarfrost, hot

    Ice pellets, ice crystals, iceberg, inlet, irrigation, impermeable, interstitial, ice

      Jet stream, kettle, lake, lagoon, lock, moist, monsoon, moisture, mist, moat,

Marsh, meander, non-potable, ocean, oxbow, pipe, pond, precipitation, pure, pool

    Permeable, pluvial, potable, puddle, pure, quench, quick, riparian, river, rain

         reservoir, rain, rivulet, runoff, rapids, saltwater, saline, sea, seep, shower

                Sea, seep, shower, slush, snowflake, snow flurry, spring, slushy, soggy

                   steam, sprinkle, swell, saturated, swamp, tide, typhoon, trickle

                        tsunami, tributary, universal, underground, undermine

                           vapor, water cycle, watershed, wastewater, wetlands

                                wave, waterworks, whirlpool, wet, waterwheel

                                           xeric, yellowboy, yearly rain total

                                                  zooplankton, zebra mussel

storks on water


snow image

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