Tidbit Thursday: 5 interesting bird facts

5 Bird Facts

“The nose knows!” The KIWI 
  • THE SHORTEST BEAK: the KIWI since its nostrils are at the end of its beak
FreshPaint-41-2017.11.15-04.14.44 austrailian pelican
“My beak holds what my belly can.” The AUSTRALIAN PELICAN
  • THE LONGEST BEAK: the AUSTRALIAN PELICAN with a 13-18.5 inch beak
bee hummingbird
“I’m small but I’m faster than you!” The BEE HUMMINGBIRD
  • THE SMALLEST BIRD: the male BEE HUMMINGBIRD who weighs in at a whooping 0.056 ounces
“I see you!” THE WOODCOCK
  • THE BIGGEST FIELD OF VISION: the WOODCOCK whose eyes are placed so far back in its head that it can see 360 degrees around itself
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
“Watch out! I’m spreading my wings.” THE WANDERING ALBATROSS
  • THE LARGEST WINGSPAN: the WANDERING ALBATROSS. In 1965, a male was found with a wingspan of 11 feet 11 inches. These birds can fly for several hours without beating their wings.


Are there more bird facts to add? Of course there are.

5 drawings was all I had time to do for this week’s post.

See what interesting bird facts you can find.

Have a great day!


Nature Mamaw



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