Fun on Friday: The Mystery Seed Solved

         Sophia and Markus, Discovery Detectives

Solve the Mystery Seed



“We’ve solved the mystery of who ate the cookies,” shouted Markus as he looked out Sophia’s kitchen door. “Come look at Darwin!”

Sophia pulled at the seed sticking to the kitchen towel. “Wait a second,” she said. “This seed is really stuck. This thing is covered with sharp spines.” She yanked it hard, held it in her hand and ran to the door. “What’s up with Darwin?”

Darwin liked to lie on the porch step, and prop his head on the step above.

“He’s fine,” said Sophia. ” Listen to him snoring. He only does that when he’s fed, happy, and warm. The sun is shining, he’s nice and warm….wait.” She looked at Darwin’s fur on this side.

They stepped out onto the porch, crouching down to examine the dog.

“Looks like the same kind of seed as you have in your hand,” said Markus.

“It is,” said Sophia. “Let’s look it up. If we can find out what plant it comes from, it will tells us where Darwin has been. I bet he ran off, got into some patch of plants, and then got hungry.”

Sophia and Markus went to the computer room, grabbed a plant field guide and examined the seed.

“It’s from the burdock plant, and I know exactly where he got them. That field at the end of the road, I bet,” said Sophia.

“We’d better get take them off,” said Markus. “Poor guy. But they don’t seem to bother him, though. He looks pretty peaceful.”

“Let’s get them off so we can eat some cookies and be happy, too,” laughed Sophia. “I am starving myself. Glad we solved this mystery, though, because I found another one at the clubhouse tree I wanted to show you.”

Have you ever found seeds stuck to your pets or your clothing? There are many types of seed with burrs or spines. Have you tried to identify them? You can be a Discovery Detective, too!

Have a great day.



Nature Mamaw

Join us again in two weeks for another Fun Friday Discovery Detective mystery to solve.



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