Walk-about Wednesday: Bark


My skin means a lot to me,

Just like bark does to a tree.


It protects my organs and gives them a home,

Like bark does with a tree’s xylem and phloem.


Skin keeps moisture in and disease out

Bark helps a tree survive a drought.


I shed my skin through the day and night,

Trees replace bark, keeping it strong and tight.


When I get a scrape, my skin will react,

The same as new bark will fill in a crack.

tree bark from Cape May trip with Barb

My skin wrinkles as I mature and age,

Deep furrowed bark? A real tree sage!

Here’s some interesting adult books about trees and nature.

The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs, by Tristan Gooley

The Wild Trees, by Richard Preston

Get outside and enjoy nature!


Nature Mamaw



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