Fun on Friday: A Seed Tells the Story

Sophia and Markus, Discovery Detectives Adventure

A Seed Tells the Story


Sophia and Markus seed story


Sophia jumped off her bike, letting it fall onto the ground near the back porch steps. She ran up them, two at a time, dashing into the house.

“Mom, I’m home. And I’m starving.” The kitchen door slammed shut behind her with a loud bang.

“Sophia, the door, please!”  Her mother’s voice echoed up the basement stairway.

“Sorry,” Sophia shouted, looking around the kitchen. “Markus and I are going to work on the Discovery Detective clubhouse and we’re starving. Did you bake anything today? We didn’t have time for snack in school today.”

She turned, and saw Markus coming up the porch steps. “Got any food?” he asked as he opened the door.

“It’s Friday and Mom usually bakes cookies, but I don’t see any. She’s in the basement working on something.. She’s probably playing around with the new 3-D printer she and Dad got last week. I bet she didn’t bake today.”

“Oh, yes, I did.” Sophia’s mom appeared at the top of the basement steps. “I always bake when I have a new project to work on. It helps get the creative juices moving.” Sophia rolled her eyes at Markus. Her mother constantly talked about left brain and right brain activities, and how it helped to do both when trying to solve a problem or be creative.

“Well, I’m glad you need to bake to be creative, Mrs. Thompson,” said Markus. He noticed a plate of cookies on the cupboard near the porch door. “Those look awesome.” He put his hands behind his back to keep from grabbing one before they were offered to him.

“Why, thank you, Markus. And help yourself, both of you. I’ve got to get back at it. I’m in the middle of a design. Be careful at the clubhouse….and be home before dark,” shouted Sophia’s mother as she hurried down the steps.

Sophia and Markus reached for a cookie.

“Heh, look, something or someone has been here before us” said Sophia. The top cookies were nibbled and broken. Crumbs covered the plate and were scattered over the counter.

“Maybe your mom ate one, “ said Markus, staring at the cookies. “Come on, Sophia, I’m so hungry. Let’s just eat them, who cares really?”

“Wait, what is this?” Sophia picked a brown object off the kitchen towel scrunched into a ball beside the plate.

She held the object out for Markus to see. “I think we have a Discovery Detective mystery. Who ate the cookies? And this is a clue.”

Sophia put the brown object on the table. She grabbed a notepad from the refrigerator door and a pencil.

“Let’s list the facts,” Markus said.

Together, they tested and wrote down the following facts:

  1. The object is about ½ to 3/4 of an inch long.
  2. It is brownish-gray in color.
  3. It has very tiny spikes on it.
  4. It is very rough and prickly to touch.
  5. It sticks to things like clothing and shoes.

Sophia and Markus drew a picture of the object. Here it is.

burdock seed by Sophia and Markus
Our drawing 

What do you think it is?

How do you think it got onto the kitchen counter?

Who do you think ate the cookies? How can Sophia and Markus find out?

Stay tuned next week to find out the answer to A Seed Tells the Story!

Have a great weekend. Get out and about! Enjoy the outdoors.


                                                                                                                               Nature Mamaw




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