Walk-about Wednesday: Leaves in Fall


Autumn Leaves

   How a simple walk helped me reconnect with the beauty of autumn


Fall and float, spiral and spin,WIN_20171011_08_47_08_Pro

Autumn leaves get under my skin.





Rake and scrap, collect and gather,

Mound and heap, before they scatter.WIN_20171011_08_52_41_Pro







It’s never-ending! So much bending!

Constantly the piles need tending.

WIN_20171010_15_28_40_Pro (2)

I think I’ll stop and take a break

Go for a walk around the lake.


Bright and brilliant, golden and red

Leaves carpet the trail on which I tread.

WIN_20171010_15_33_24_Pro (3)

Trees splashed in color, air cool and crisp

A sigh of peace escapes my lips.



Fall and float, spiral and spin,

Autumn leaves bring joy within.



Nature Mamaw



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