Tidbit Thursday: A Frog and Toad Alphabet

A Frog and Toad Alphabet

Amphibian, lives on land and in water

Blob-like mass of eggs for starter.

 egg mass drawing


Chorus, the name for a group of frogs

Dampness needed, under leaves and logs.


Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
La la la! A bunch of me is a chorus!


Eyes–  bulging and big

Feet -webbed to swim or dig

frog image labeled and cropped



Gills take oxygen from water

Hibernate until it gets hotter

frog hibernating in mud


Indicating when the Earth’s in trouble

Jumping its own length and double

jumping frog

Knot-the name for a toady troupe

Legs that jump or help feet scoop

My webbed feet help me scoop dirt

Mucous on skin

Nares let air in

frog at coffee shop
Mucus makes me shine!


Oozing slime from glands

Poisonous! Watch out, man!


Quickly growing in the summer

Resting all winter-what a bummer.


Skin covered with bumps or slime

Tongue sticky and rapid every time

Under water or on land

Very quick! Understand?


Wetness is a constant need

Xtreme temperature? What? Indeed!


You-careful on a rain slick road.

Zoom! There goes a frog or toad!


I had fun making this up even though it was frustrating to come up with some of the words! Why not try to do your own amphibian alphabet? And I didn’t have time to get all the drawings done before the posting deadline.  You could do some drawings of your own!

Hope you enjoyed learning some facts about frogs and toads through the letters of the alphabet!

Nature Mamaw


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