Bird watching on a winter day

Kitchen window on a sunny winter day

This is my kitchen window, right over my sink.  I love it because I can see out into the woods behind the house, and into the field beyond that.  One of my favorite activities in the winter is bird watching out this window. 
I hung my pine cone bird feeders on the bushes behind the house alongside the other bird feeders.  I have been watching birds through this same window since we moved here, 25 years ago.  That is a quarter of a century of birds stopping by our feeders for a winter snack.  I wish I had kept better records of the birds I have seen. 

My original field guide to the birds

This is my original field guide to birds, and the one I still use the most.  You can see that it is worn, torn, ragged and old looking.  But it is a pretty cool book because in it, I have written the dates when I have seen some species of birds.  It is fun to go back and look at the dates.

This is a page where I wrote some of the dates I saw mallards on our local lake.  Think of all the data I would have if I had done this every year!
Abby found a toy to chew!
  This is another bird book I use and have used quite often.  Abby, our yellow lab, left her mark on this book in the upper left hand corner as you can see.

          I also use this book when I want a color photograph of the bird.  It has beautiful pictures in it that help in identification. 

          Do you have a field guide for birds?  Do you keep records of what you have seen?  Tell me about your experiences bird watching!
Enjoy the day!        
                                                            Nature Mamaw

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