Make It Monday

How to Make a Seed Picture

Do you know what the coolest thing about art is? You can use all kinds of materials to make a beautiful, original, art creation. For example, what about seeds? An easy way to use seeds artistically is to make a seed picture.

What you will need:

  • Something to put your picture on-this can be a heavy piece of paper, like construction paper, or it can be a piece of cardboard, like the front of a cereal box, or even a piece of scrap wood if you like.

  • Seeds-collect seeds from your yard or use seeds in packets that did not get planted last year, find as many different kinds of seeds as you can to make your picture interesting and unique

  • Glue-regular white glue or craft glue will work fine

  • Paint brush-to spread the glue onto the surface where you will put the seeds

  • Drawing materials-pencils, crayons, paints, whatever you have or want to use to draw your picture with, or add to it after the seeds are in place

How to make your one of a kind, uniquely yours, original SEED PICTURE:

1.      Cover your work surface with newspaper or an old plastic tablecloth to protect it. This will also make it easier to clean up any seeds if you spill them.

2.      Draw your design for your picture on the material you have chosen to use for your picture. If you want, you can outline it with black crayon or a marker so you can see the different parts of the picture easier when you glue the seeds on each section.

3.      Put the seeds you collected in front of you in separate piles so you can see what types of seeds you have. Think about where you want to put them on your picture before you start to glue them down.  Make a plan in your mind or you can write it down if you like.

4.      Work on one section of your picture at a time. It is easier if you start gluing the seeds at the top of the picture and work your way down. Why? Because you are not leaning on the seeds you already glued, and maybe moving them around, or getting glue on your clothes or yourself.

5.      Spread a thin layer of glue in one section of the picture, completely filling in the area. Place the seeds you have chosen for that section on top of the glue. If the seeds are small, you can sprinkle them on. If they are larger, you may have to place them on one at a time. Do you have to fill in the entire area? You can decide. That is the wonderful thing about art. It is up to you, the designer. Have fun.

6.      When all the areas of your picture are filled with seeds, allow the picture to dry. How long will this take? It depends on how much glue you put on, what size the seeds are, and other factors.

7.      When your picture is dry, stand it up on end and see if any seeds fall off. Look at your picture. Are there areas where you want more seeds? Glue more on if you like. Remember to allow the picture dry each time you add glue to it.

8.      When you are satisfied with the seeds, you can add color to other areas of your picture by using crayons, paints, markers, pens, chalk or by adding other materials such as fabric, lace, string, etc. The ideas are endless!

9.      Give your picture a title. You can put the title at the top, or on the back of the picture.

10.  Sign your picture. It is fun to think of a special way to write your name when you sign your art work. Some artists sign their full name, some write their initials, and some have a small picture or symbol they use.

I hope you enjoyed this activity. If you like, send me a photograph of your creation. It is so much fun to see what other people make out of the same materials. Each design is different and original. Isn’t art wonderful?

See you next Monday for another Make It Monday activity!

                                                      Have a great day!


                                                                         Nature Mamaw



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