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Thanks for stopping by!

This is a self-portrait of me (the one on the right, of course).

I love being outdoors- walking, hiking, and exploring the world around me.

I LOVE nature, all things science and math, and anything art-related.

I’m really quite nerdy, always with my nose in a book or jotting down notes in one of my little notebooks or on scraps of paper I carry around with me.

Oh, and I absolutely adore spending time with my grandchildren, volunteering at a local nature center and at school, tutoring, reading and storytelling, writing and making art.

Here’s what you will find here.

  • Make-It Monday-on Mondays, we’ll do an art activity
  • Tell-It Tuesday-on Tuesdays, we’ll learn a fable or legend
  • Walk-about Wednesday-on Wednesdays, we’ll explore outside
  • Tidbits on Thursday-on Thursdays, we learn small, interesting facts about a nature or science topic
  • Fun on Friday-on Fridays, it’ll be anything goes. Could be a book recommendation, an interesting drawing, photo-who knows. Wait and see.

See ya soon and in the meantime–

smile, laugh, be well, get outside and be kind to all things!!


Nature Mamaw


Visit my TpT store, Nature Mamaw, to see my STEAM units.

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