Make-It Monday: Tree Bark Rubbings

This week’s theme: BARK

I love bark. I’ve been taking photographs of bark for years. Just like we all have individual characteristics about our skin, each tree has bark with its own markings and furrows. This week’s activity is one of my favorite-bark rubbings.




Utensil for rubbing such as charcoal stick, crayon, soft pencil


  1. Find a tree with bark that you can easily reach.

maple tree bark behind the house in PA


2.  Hold your paper on the tree, or have someone hold it for you.bark rubbing paper behind house - Copy


3. Rub your crayon across the paper, pressing the paper into the bark.




4. Make the bark rubbing as big as you like.

5. You can be creative by using different colored crayons, charcoal, or pencils.

6. Label your bark rubbing with the species of tree and the date if you like.



7. You can display your rubbing in a frame, keep it in your nature journal, or use it in an art project. Have fun and be creative.

Hope you enjoy this activity. Send me a picture of your bark rubbings. I’d love to see what you find. Watch later this week for more bark rubbings using different colors and trees.

Get outside and enjoy!

Nature Mamaw



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